UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2021

18th February 20211 Minutes

Ranked in the Top 20 of the UK’s consulting firms, we are delighted to have been recognised for the third consecutive year as one of the ‘UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2021’ by the Financial Times.   

Recommended in seven categories compiled with data company Statista, the annual rating is based on endorsements by clients and peers and demonstrates our steady consistent year on year sector & service line growth.

Consulting companies are awarded Bronze (recommended), Silver (frequently recommended) or Gold (very frequently recommended).

Sectoral expertise

  • Construction & Infrastructure – Silver
  • Financial Services – Bronze
  • Healthcare – Bronze
  • Public & Social Sector – Bronze

Consulting services

  • Digital Transformation – Bronze
  • Operations & Supply Chain – Bronze
  • Strategy – Silver

Managing Partner Andrew Morgan said

We are thrilled to see the continued progression of the firm, competing alongside some major consulting brands.  I am really proud of the team and this reinforces their dedication to deliver tangible results for our clients in a range of markets through strategic, operational and transformational delivery.


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Rainforest trees

Curzon supports Rainforest Foundation UK

25th November 2020

Curzon Consulting is delighted to provide technical support to Rainforest Foundation UK and its partners in Ghana, DRC, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and Liberia, in their 3-day virtual workshop: “The role of ForestLink and community-based monitoring in improving forest governance”.

Starting 24 November 2020, the event brings together national and international stakeholders to explore the role of community-based approaches in enhancing the monitoring, protection and governance of forests beyond promoting legality of forest operations.

Find out more about real time monitoring on the Rainforest Foundation UK website.


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Curzon Consulting Background

Return to Curzon: Rachna Trehan to lead ‘Intelligent CX’ offering

9th October 20205 Minutes

We are delighted to welcome Rachna Trehan to Curzon Consulting as Associate Partner. She will be leading the Intelligent CX service line. Rachna previously worked at Curzon from 2007 – 2014. Since then, she has advanced customer and digital strategy for clients at Accenture, Baringa and Ember Services.

Rachna answers our questions on reasons for joining Curzon and what’s in store for our Intelligent CX service line.

How did Curzon set you up for a career in consulting?

Very early in my career I learned to focus on doing the right thing for the client and doing it well. During my first tenure at Curzon, I learnt what drives businesses, how to problem solve, how to construct an approach to resolve the problems and how to make the solutions stick. Learning these core consulting skills gave me confidence that I could solve client issues in any industry. In addition to this, I started working directly with the partners of the firm and with the clients within hours of joining Curzon. I learnt by observing these brilliant minds at work and started to pick up their thought process and how to breakdown the problem statements into root causes and work packages. This live experience was far above what any training programme could give me. These skills helped me thrive in consulting firms later in my career.

What have you been up to since leaving Curzon in 2014?

Since leaving Curzon in 2014 I decided to remain in the same field and further develop my programme leadership and account management skills. I have  specialised in the Customer Space and have built thought leadership around it. I have worked in large, medium sized and small consulting firms and have been lucky enough to work alongside really intelligent people who deliver real impact for clients. Throughout this time I saw the value that consulting can bring to our clients professional life and help in their own personal development. My passion and respect for my profession has gone up greatly and I hope it rubs off on my new colleagues/ clients.

Why return to Curzon Consulting?

Curzon always felt like home for me. The company culture is based on doing the right thing for the clients, building trust and developing skills rather than templates. It doesn’t compromise on quality and focusses on delivering real impact to the top/bottom line. I like the fact that each consultant in Curzon takes the role of a coach/trusted advisor for the clients. Curzon focuses on building strategic partnerships with clients, helping them achieve their objectives, rather than a narrow approach. The client relationships go beyond the immediate projects and we often help contribute to clients’ career growth. The Curzon team is more like a family and has each other’s backs. I am really looking forward to being a part of that team again.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to establishing and strengthening our Intelligent CX service line. These are exciting times in the customer space where we have seen rapid digitalisation over the past few months. There has been a change in customer’s needs and expectations. Our clients are now looking at not just sustaining and further building on the AI powered customer focussed technologies but also on organising themselves in such a way that they are ready to deal with and future surprises. This means they need different operating models, service excellence will be redefined, employee satisfaction is finally gaining as much attention as customer satisfaction and new ways of measuring success will be required. I am looking forward to helping our clients in these areas through our Intelligent CX service.

Over the coming months we will be sharing our thoughts on customer experience.

Rachna Trehan returned to Curzon Consulting in November 2020 as Associate Partner. We are delighted to welcome her back. Contact Rachna to arrange an introductory meeting.

Intelligent CX


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Curzon supports public sector as G-Cloud 12 supplier

29th September 20202 Minutes

Curzon Consulting is delighted to have been awarded a place on G-Cloud 12 framework. We provide five key cloud-related services to the public sector:

Business Transformation

Curzon Consulting delivers transformation and step-change capability improvement. Our services help clients translate strategic imperatives into realised benefits.

Digital Transformation

We help organisations to explore and exploit technology and innovation, including cloud-based services, to improve responsiveness, resilience, effectiveness and efficiency. Our digital transformation services include evaluation of current maturity, opportunity exploration, Design Thinking to reimagine the way work is done, bespoke applications, and implementation planning and delivery of solutions.

Change Management

Curzon Consulting provides change management expertise and support to digital and cloud service migration programmes. Services include business-led interfacing with technical teams, defining governance models, organisational design and migration planning, and working with the organisation to define and deliver the process and behavioural changes required to secure the planned benefits.

Cloud Strategy

Curzon Consulting helps organisations develop winning digital and cloud strategies; robust, achievable, supported and with a clear path to implementation. Our service includes analysis of current state and maturity, opportunity landscape evaluation, articulation of priorities and benefits, and development of a cloud strategy roadmap aligned to the wider organisation direction.

Programme and Project Management Delivery

Curzon provides programme management support across the lifecycle to underpin successful deployment of digital and cloud service innovation. Services include business requirements framing, governance, implementation delivery management and assurance, and corrective action intervention. We apply a business-outcome approach, maintaining focus on achieving and sustaining delivery of the stated benefits.


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curzon lord mayors appeal samarathon

Curzon team walks 470 miles for Samaritans

5th August 20201 Minutes

Five members of the Curzon Consulting team undertook the Samarathon challenge in July.

About the Samarathon challenge

Five members of our team got involved in Samarathon, a virtual marathon organised by Samaritans that took place over July 2020. They joined The Lord Mayor’s Appeal team, to help raise funds to support charities that address some of London’s most pressing societal issues. Samaritans is one of the four amazing charities supported by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Find out more about the event.

A great result

With a fantastic effort from our team, and Curzon’s pledge to match funds raised pound for pound, we have been able to raise a total of £2,600.





Curzon Consulting Partner, Doug Badham, commented:

A terrific effort for a really worthwhile cause! Huge thanks to everyone who got behind us with sponsorship

Our fund raising pages remain open, so it’s not too late to donate if you wish to.

The team are Amy Palliser, Douglas Badham, Nigel Brannan, Silviu Paraoan & Stuart Kitching.

The importance of mental health

Samaritans answer a call for help every six seconds.

Their work to support people is vitally important, particularly during coronavirus, which is difficult for many. Read Samaritans’ guidance on how to take care of your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.


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global consulting network

Global consulting network Nextcontinent renews governance

10th July 20205 Minutes

‘Glocal’ consulting network for the future

Curzon Consulting is a citizen of international consulting network Nextcontinent. The network has 7,600 professionals, generates US $1 billion and is present in 40 countries. Created less than 10 years ago, Nextcontinent is already ranked among the top 15 consulting networks in the world.

Its 17 citizens – independent consulting firms – have just reelected Francis Rousseau, Chairman and founder, and François Pouzeratte, General Manager – to head this “consulting network for the future”.

The mission of this multi-local and multi-skills player is to help major international clients on a global scale.

Nextcontinent governance until 2023

Francis Rousseau, Chairman and founder of Nextcontinent, and François Pouzeratte, General Manager, have been elected for a new three-year mandate (2020-2023).

Thanks to the strong commitment of the team and the successful expansion and development of the network, the 17 citizens have unanimously voted in favor of the renewal of this Governance, which will be reinforced by the creation of a new Business Community Leader Committee.

New Nextcontinent member firms

Over the last 12 months, 5 new citizens joined the network:

  • Matrix Consulting, HQ in Chile, strategy consulting company, 100 employees
  • Paradigma, HQ in Argentina, management consulting company, 250 employees
  • DMW, HQ in the UK, IT strategy consulting company, 140 employees
  • Prospectus, HQ in Ireland, management consulting company, 7 employees
  • Point B, HQ in the US, management consulting company, 1,000 employees
  • Visagio, HQ in Brazil and Australia, management consulting company, 500 employees

About Nextcontinent

After seven years, Nextcontinent is a worldwide consulting network, with more than 7,600 professionals generating US $ 1 billion and present in 40 countries (Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East). Nextcontinent, a multi-local player and multi-skills network (from consulting to engineering) is now ranked among the top 15 consulting networks in the world.17 independent consulting firms, each with a leading position in their respective countries, decided to join forces to create an ambitious international project aimed at helping major international clients on a global scale. Called a “consulting network for the future,” Nextcontinent is a new type of organization.

The vision of Nextcontinent is to keep on growing to act among the major international consulting players. For that, the new three-year project aims at strengthening the cooperations and the value delivered by the professional teams locally and globally.

Nextcontinent offers a global perspective in all economic areas, with a large portfolio of expertise – Strategy & Management Consulting, Engineering, Digital & IT, Human Resources & Coaching – shared and developed in its Business Communities. The Business Communities are comprised of international teams of partners and managers that share a common goal: to satisfy clients globally and locally through their obsession with innovative products and high-quality results. Business communities are fully business-oriented and work on key business issues for the future. They publish international studies, position papers and value new ideas. They are also the place for knowledge sharing and developing new methodologies and innovative techniques.

François Pouzeratte said:

Nextcontinent is a world-wide consulting network, based on the mutual desire to work together, or affectio societatis, trust and open mindedness rather than capital gain or other transactional or financial approaches. The 7,600 professionals from our 17 citizens work together on what is useful for society today and what will be meaningful in tomorrow’s world. Companies will have to adapt their strategies to people and not the other way around. The bottom-up will replace the top-down. The post-Covid economic crisis, which promises to be severe and lasting, should further enhance the uniqueness of Nextcontinent. Our network is a human network, with Citizens who place people at the heart of organizations. It is this DNA that our customers – including major global companies – appreciate”

The next Partners Meeting, with more than 100 partners, will focus on the future of work, linked to the future of mobility.


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aerospace image

Curzon becomes ADS member

26th March 20201 Minutes

Curzon Consulting becomes a member of the ADS Group, a trade organisation for UK companies across the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors.

Curzon Consulting Partner, John Mason, commented:

“Joining ADS keeps us close to the issues that matter most to this critically important UK industry. We have worked with clients in the sector providing help with a range of management challenges to build stronger businesses. We look forward to working with ADS and member firms, developing our knowledge, capabilities and service offers further and continuing to support the aerospace and defence sector.”

How we help UK businesses across aerospace and defence

We work with clients in the aerospace defence sector to deliver step-change performance improvement, bringing broad industry experience and a strong business-results orientation. Our capabilities include transformation strategy and digital evolution, operating model re-shaping, and operations and supply chain excellence through data-driven decision making.


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Curzon Consulting Background

COVID-19: what we're doing to keep our clients and people safe

Last updated 25 September 2020

What we’re doing to keep our clients, partners and colleagues supported and safe during Coronavirus.

Continuing to support our clients and keeping our people safe

We understand the importance of business continuity, particularly during times of uncertainty.

Curzon Consulting remains open and active in delivering our services and responding to new client challenges. We’ve shifted our operations to remote working in line with the reality of the disruption caused by Covid-19.

To continue supporting our clients safely we have taken a number of actions:

  • Our staff are working from home, in line with government advice
  • For our team members who do want to return to the office we’ve put in place a number of measures to ensure social distancing and make sure they feel comfortable
  • Our recruitment process is remote
  • We’re using remote working tools to ensure continued support across all current, planned and future client engagements
  • All business travel has been postponed and all meetings moved to either video or audio conference calls
  • Our IT systems are designed for us to work remotely, a key feature of our usual business operations
  • We use digital channels to collaborate and communicate. These include instant messaging, video conferencing and webinars
  • We’re securely connected. All internet connections on Curzon Consulting laptops are protected using secure VPN technology
  • We use cloud-based platforms to access documents
  • Our dedicated in-house IT support ensures we maintain client service
  • We have robust policies in place to ensure data protection and confidentiality, no matter where we’re working
  • We’ve set up regular check in calls with our whole team to ensure we stay connected
  • Our in-house mental health first-aider is available for the team during this challenging lockdown
  • We also continue to have fun (remotely!) through caption competitions, quizzes and team challenges

The well-being and safety of our clients, partners and people is of paramount importance to us. We will continue to operate in line with guidance from UK government.

Take care, stay safe and keep in touch.

Curzon Consulting Financial Times UK Leading Management Consultants 2020

UK’s Leading Managing Consultants 2020

29th January 20201 Minutes

We have been named as one of the ‘UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2020’ by the Financial Times. We are recommended in four categories:

Sectoral expertise

  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Financial Institutions & Services

Consulting services

  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Strategy

Managing Partner Andrew Morgan said

We are delighted to be comfortably in the top 40 UK management consultancies alongside some well known brands. This reflects our dedication to delivering results for clients in our chosen markets through strategy, operational and digital transformation.


This is the second year that Curzon Consulting have been recognised in this special report. In 2019 we were recommended or frequently recommended for consulting in strategy, financial institutions, and construction & infrastructure.


Compiled with data company Statista, the annual rating is based on recommendations by clients and peers. Statista compiled results based on recommendations. As a result, consulting companies are awarded Bronze (recommended), Silver (frequently recommended) or Gold (very frequently recommended).

Curzon Consulting Financial Times UK Leading Management Consultants 2020


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Phil Hanson Curzon Consulting Young MCA

Curzon Senior Consultant elected Young MCA chair

23rd November 20193 Minutes

Phil Hanson is new Young MCA chair

Curzon Consulting Senior Consultant, Phil Hanson, has been elected as the new Chair of the Young MCA.

The Young MCA is a professional network for consultants which aims to:

  • Be the voice of young consultants in the consulting industry
  • Enhance the development of young consultants
  • Provide key networking opportunities for young consultants across the UK
  • Increase awareness of the consultancy profession to school leavers and undergraduates

Phil will take over the role in December 2019 following an election by young consultants. The appointment of a new Chair comes at an important time for the Young MCA which is rapidly growing its membership base and is developing new regional networks across the UK.

Phil Hanson said:

“I am delighted to take up the position of Young MCA Chair. I value the important role the organisation plays in attracting the best talent to the industry, supporting its members and inspiring and developing them. I also recognise the significant opportunity that exists to continue to grow and build on the excellent work the Young MCA is already doing, enabling it to engage in more ways with an even wider member base.

Consulting is changing rapidly and I intend to ensure that through the Young MCA, young consultants’ voices are heard, helping them evolve to meet the needs of the clients and industries they serve.”

Tamzen Isacsson, Chief Executive of the MCA, said:

“The Young MCA is an important part of the MCA and supports professionals joining the consulting industry in MCA member firms. 2019 has been a busy year for the Young MCA with new communication activities, a record number of events across the UK and a growing membership base. We are delighted to have welcomed 13 new member firms this year into the MCA and one of the key benefits for firms is the access their young consultants get to events through the Young MCA. We look forward to building on this success in 2020 and the years to come. I would like to thank Josh Hutchison for all his hard work in supporting the Young MCA as Chair and welcome Phil Hanson on board in his new role.”

For more information

To find out more, visit the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) website


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